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We are always looking to buy in quality Modern Gold and Silver coins and sets, and medals.  Should you have anything you wish to 'move on', please give us a call as we will usually make an immediate offer.  We try to be fair, and most of our prices offered are linked to the Gold Market prices.  As our overheads are lower than the bigger bullion houses, we are likely to offer you a better price than you will get elsewhere, but don't just take our word for it - give us a call - it does not cost to talk to us (well only the phone call)




PLEASE NOTE: Due to the currrent volatility in both the gold and currency markets, we have to assess each offer on an individual basis, based on current supply & demand and our requirements.  Please call or email for the most up to date offers.

1oz Krugerrands - Spot -5% up to Spot -2%

Bullion 1oz Gold Coins - Spot -5% up to Spot

Gold Proof £5 BU Coins (1987 - 2004) - Spot -10% up to - 5%

Gold Proof £5 Crowns (1990 - 2004) - Spot -5% up to + 5%

Bullion Sovereigns - Spot -5% up to Spot

Gold Proof Sovereigns (All years) - Call for quotation

UK Gold Proof 3 Coin Sets (1986, 1987 & 1988) - Spot up to +5%

UK Gold Proof 3 Coin Sets (1990 - 1997) - Spot up to + 5 to 10% (Some years considerably more)

  Spot = Market Gold Price based on £ per ounce

These prices are indicative only, and are dependant on market conditions at the time of the offer.  They are not guaranteed.

PLEASE NOTE: We would respectfully ask that you do NOT quote what coins are fetching on eBay - been there, done it, got the t-shirt, and we no longer trade on eBay - WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU about our faith in eBay !


BUYING IN - Terms of Business


  • Price will be agreed between Weighton Coin Wonders and the seller either by phone or email on the day the deal is actioned (ie the day we agree on the price).


  • Items to be sent to Weighton Coin Wonders registered showroom address for inspection / approval within 48 hours of agreeing a deal (unless a different timescale is agreed beforehand) .  All items are sent at sellers risk as we only take responsibility upon arrival at our premises.  We therefore recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery service.  PLEASE NOTE - Where the purchase is for precious metals, and the items are not received in the prescribed timescales, Weighton Coin Wonders reserves the right to return items to seller or re-negotiate a price where there is a significant drop on metal prices


  • Safe receipt of goods to be notified by email / phone / Text the same day as they arrive to us.


  • Any discrepancies from the original deal will be notified to seller, and a revised deal will be negotiated as appropriate.  This includes coins arriving that are not in the expected or agreed condition.


  • Settlement to be made by cheque or bank transfer to the named seller within 2 WORKING days, sent to the address / bank account as advised or on file (as requested).


  • A visit can be made in person to our showroom, where we are able to inspect goods and make immediate settlement.  If this is required please call us to arrange first so we can ensure the right person is available.


There are however, certain items we generally do not buy in (unless being sold with a large collection), purely because we  believe the price is over inflated.  Some examples of this are as follows:

 1989 UK Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereigns, Sovereigns, 3 & 4 Coin Sets - (just totally over-hyped and not rare as others would have you believe)

1999 UK Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereigns, Sovereigns, 3 & 4 Coin Sets (again just totally over-hyped and not rare as others would have you believe)

2002 Golden Jubilee 13 Coin Sets - (these are actually NOT VAT exempt due to certian coins not being on the notice 701/21a)

2003 Gold Proof PATTERN 4 x £1 Set - not proper coins and only any use as scrap gold for putting in the furnace to melt for something useful !



 There are also some items which we WILL buy in, but can tell you now that you will not get a great price on.  This is purely due to lack of interest in the market, so we can only buy in with a view to melting down.  Such items are as follows:


 Isle of Man Gold Proof & Uncirculated Coins and Sets

Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney & Gibraltar Gold and Silver Proof Coins & Sets

Canada Silver Proof and Uncirculated Coins and Sets (not Maples)

12ct & 14ct Gold Proof Coins


Coins or sets currently on our wants list - top prices paid:


Gold 1oz Bullion Coins - ANY VARIETY

All Silver Bullion Coins - any size 1/2oz to 2 Kilo

2002 Commonwealth Games 4 x £2 Gold Proof Set

UK Gold Proof 3 Coin Sets (£2, Sov & 1/2 Sov) - ALL YEARS

UK Gold Proof 4 Coin Sets (£5, £2, Sov & 1/2 Sov) - ALL YEARS

UK Gold Proof Britannia 4 Coin Sets (£100, £50, £25 & £10) - 1990 Onwards


Call us for an immediate offer - funds available and waiting for your unwanted coins

Weighton Coin Wonders are members of the British Numismatic Trade Association

50 Market Place, Market Weighton, YORK. YO43 3AL

Please feel free also to phone on

 01430 879740  /  07905 467650 

or email to enquiries@weightoncoin.co.uk

 We can then assist you in person - ask for Richard

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